Count. Decide. Inform.

Our anonymous, real-time people-counting platform can help you re-open your building safely and responsibly.

Management Suite

The IsItBusy Management suite provides you with real-time insights into your footfall data. Dig deeper using our reporting functionality or extract the data using our API - our platform gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want.

Manage Your Zones

Easily create new zones and manage existing ones as part of the Management Suite. Adjust your opening hours, set your occupancy thresholds and configure how you want your data to be displayed.

Detailed Reporting

Investigate your footfall and occupancy in real-time using our live dashboard. Explore data using our simple visualizations. Export your data as a spreadsheet in order to do your own analysis and archiving. Receive daily e-mail reports with the metrics you care about.

And more...

Embeds For Your Website

Use our out-of-the-box embeddable widgets to display occupancy information on your own websites. Customise how the data is displayed to suit your needs: brackets, percentages, absolute numbers or our traffic light model.

RSS For Your Signage

Integrate IsItBusy with your digital signage system using our customisable RSS feeds. Display occupancy information on screens across your business to inform potential visitors.

API For Your Applications

With a bit of technical know-how you can make use of our well-documented API to build your own solutions. Integrate with existing counting mechanisms such as turnstiles, receive real-time footfall information, integrate with your internal maps - the possibilities are endless.

Mobile Counter

Our Mobile People Counting App is easy to set up, cost-effective and designed to help small to medium sized establishments re-open safely. Whether you want to do an average headcount or station someone at the door to monitor occupancy, the app can be used in a variety of ways without sacrificing any of the benefits of people counting.

Plugs straight in

The app plugs straight into the Management Suite, allowing you take full advantage of all it has to offer. Create new zones from the Management Suite and start counting right away - no complicated setup required.

Real-time updates

Using the app on multiple devices is not a problem at all. Counts are instantaneously updated across our entire platform - including all your devices. This means you have the latest data at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

The easiest way to get started

Just sign up for a free trial, download the app on your iPhone or Android device and you're good to go.

Thermal Counter

A camera mounted above your entrances and exits detects people using their body heat. These counters enable the fully automated and anonymous counting of visitors - and they're very accurate!

Fully anonymous

Because the camera only is mounted on the ceiling and only looks at heat signatures it's fully anonymous. Imagery analysed by the camera is immediately discarded - we don't store or transfer any imagery from the actual device.


Aside from the initial installation - done by a qualified engineer - thermal counters are a low-maintenance option for counting your footfall. After we get it set up and calibrated in your venue it will be linked to our platform and reporting data without any further action required.


The Thermal Counters we use are incredibly accurate - on average you can expect to count 98% of your footfall. This means only 2 out of a 100 people entering or leaving your venue might be missed.

Already have a counter?

Aside from producing our own thermal counter, our platform is also designed to work a variety of 3rd party thermal counter products. If you have a 3rd party thermal counter installed just let us know to find out if it's supported.


Our pricing is based on a per-zone monthly subscription fee, dependent on the type of counter used.

Mobile counter icon

Mobile Counter

Listing on

Management Suite

RSS Feeds

Web Widgets

Full API Access

£ 5
Per Zone / Per Month
No setup cost
Thermal counter icon

Thermal Counter

Listing on

Management Suite

RSS Feeds

Web Widgets

Full API Access

£ 20
Per Zone / Per Month
+ £500 Unit cost
+ £200 Installation Cost