Our Mobile Counter can help you re-open safely

Restaurants, bars and shops alike are breaking out the handheld tally counters to maintain social distancing requirements during this public health crisis. Many places now have a maximum occupancy limit in place and someone at the door to enforce it.

The occupancy limit

Limiting the number of customers in your business at any one time is a good way to maintain social distancing, and having someone at the door counting and managing the flow of customers does seem to work. Unfortunately, your customers are finding that they have to unexpectedly queue and get frustrated. We're doing it for both of us, you say, but the customer feels like their plan has been thrown into disarray.

A key source of frustration with customers is not the limits and the queues, but that there is no way for them to know in advance if it's busy and how long they're going to be waiting. The lack of information makes it impossible to plan ahead making the situation unnecessarily frustrating for both parties.

Solving the information situation

What if you could publish how busy you are in real-time for all your potential customers to see? They can check how busy it is before leaving, know what to expect and have a better experience.

This is exactly what the Mobile Counter, an app that turns your mobile phone into a tally counter, is for. But it's not just a simple tally counter; it's a counter that can inform your customers in real-time.

preview of dashboard and mobile counter app
An example of the Mobile Counter app

Every location signed up with the IsItBusy platform can get a dedicated information page that is instantly updated as you use the counter app.

Take a look at this example of the page we run for Brighton Beach.

Embed the information on your website, in your digital signage, your social media accounts or even your app using the IsItBusy API.