Why Having A Retail Traffic Counter Is Important

Measuring the number of visitors that enter your store can give you important insights that you can use to drive business decisions. Equipping your store managers with this information allows them to calculate conversion rates, analyse their marketing efforts and set realistic targets.

Calculating conversion rates

One of the most important aspects of any transaction-driven business is the conversion rate. You can use a traffic counter to identify how many visitors actually convert into paying customers by combining the counts from our dashboard with data from your POS system.

Analyse your marketing efforts

If you’re in the process of setting up a marketing campaign for your store you might be looking for a way to measure the impact of your campaign. People Counters can make this significantly easier for you.

By taking your average visitor count before, during and after the campaign and comparing them you can make a good assessment of whether your marketing has been effective in driving more footfall into your stores.

Identifying your busy periods

Now that you know how many visitors you get throughout the day, you can optimise how you run your business. Make sure staff is available in your peak hours, plan maintenance in your less busy periods and so on.

Which counter: Mobile vs Thermal

IsItBusy currently offers two different methods of people counting. You can learn more about which counter works for your business, and sign up for a free trial by visiting our About Us page