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What you get

Here's a breakdown of what you're signing up for with our free trial. The trial provides you with everything you need to get started with IsItBusy, giving you a good idea of what to expect when you join us.

Full access to the Management Suite

After creating your account you will have full access to the Management Suite, including detailed reporting and a variety of customization options.

A dedicated public page

Your business will get a dedicated public page on our website, displaying your occupancy rates and other information you're interested in sharing. The page can be fully customized through the Management Suite.

Not interested in publishing your details? Simply turn off Discovery in your Management Suite or during sign-up.

All the extras - API, RSS, Widgets

Once you're signed up for the trial you can try every feature we have to offer - whether you want to use our API to build your own applications, display our widgets on your business website or publish an RSS feed for your digital signage.

Screenshots of the Mobile Counter app.

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